Tryouts & Registration Information

Tryouts & Registration Information
Although we have added over 80 new players since fall, it’s still not too late to register for spring, but only for a short time.  We are still adding a few additional players.   The Final cutoff to add additional players for Spring will be March 31st.  Step up is to register for a Supplemental Tryout

Join CUSA Crew SC, one of the oldest clubs in Ohio with a strong and growing reputation for excellence player development. An affiliate of the Columbus Crew MLS team, CUSA provides unique MLS coach and player contact and training opportunities, plus player growth opportunities for promotion to MLS Academy teams and the U.S. National team which do not exist in other area clubs. All CUSA teams have paid, professional-licensed coaches at U6 and above. The top CUSA teams play in the Great Lakes Alliance division of the National Premier Leagues (NPL) which includes Ohio, Western New York, and Western Pennsylvania. CUSA provides year-round training and programs including indoor facilities and turf fields - starting with the largest outdoor dedicated training field complex in Southwest, Ohio.

2017-2018 Supplemental Tryouts

Principle Suplemental tryout dates have passed please contact our DOC’s (listed below) to arrange an alternate tryout date and time.


CUSA Director of Coaching

CUSA Assistant Directors of Coaching


Tryout Registration for the 2018/2019 season will begin April 1st, 2018.

2018/2019 Season Tryout Dates:

U9-U12 + U18/19 Tryouts for 2018/19 Season: 

U9   (2010 Birthyear)

U10 (2009 Birthyear)

U11 (2008 Birthyear)

U12 (2007 Birthyear)

U18 (2001 Birthyear)

U19 (2000 Birthyear)


Tuesday May 29, 2018 All Boys/Men 5PM to 6:30PM All Girls/Women 6:30PM to 8PM

Wednesday May 30, 2018 All Girls/Women 5PM to 6:30PM All Boys/Men 6:30PM to 8PM

Supplemental Tryouts Thursday May 31, 2018 All Boys/Men 5PM to 6:30PM All Girls/Women 6:30PM to 8PM


U13-U17 Player Tryouts for 2018/19 Season


U13 (2006 Birthyear)

U14 (2005 Birthyear)

U15 (2004 Birthyear)

U16 (2003 Birthyear)

U17 (2002 Birthyear)


Monday June 4, 2018 All Boys 5PM to 6:30PM All Girls 6:30PM to 8PM

Tuesday June 5, 2018 All Girls 5PM to 6:30PM All Boys 6:30PM to 8PM

Supplemental Tryouts Wednesday June 6, 2018 All Boys 5PM to 6:30PM All Girls 6:30PM to 8PM


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: 866-726-4131, Option 1
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my player bring to tryouts?
Please bring a soccer ball, a water bottle, shin guards, white shirt and soccer cleats.

Do I need to attend all days of tryouts?
No, but we strongly encourage you to attend the Week 1 tryout to ensure proper placement.

How long do I have to decide if I want to accept a roster spot?
Team assignment offers will typically be made within 36 hours of the last try-out date for each age group.  We ask that each player 
accept or decline a team assignment offer within 48 hours of it being made so that the club can make any necessary adjustments and finalize team rosters quickly.

Are teams already preselected?
Most definitely not.  Tryouts are open and each player is given the chance to make the most appropriate team.  Each year some players are surprised and some disappointed.  It is not unusual for a team to change more than 25% of its roster.

The opportunity to make a team exists for every potential player.  However, athleticism, natural ability, dedication, preparation, conditioning, and many other factors will play into who is actually selected.  Each year some good players show up out of shape and then are frustrated because they don’t make the team they wanted.  Soccer is like most other worthwhile pursuits, you generally find yourself getting out of it what you’re willing to put in.  Having said that, the CUSA Crew SC professional coaching and training staff evaluates Club players all year around at practices, trainings, league games and tournament games, and for those players their performance at try-outs (if the player is having an off day, for example) is balanced against that extensive knowledge base of information and verified on-the-field performance.

Who is coaching next year?
Specific coaching announcements will be made starting near the end of May.

Will my team have a professional or parent coach for the season?
For the U9-U19 age groups, your team will have professional trainers and a professional head coach.  For the CUSA Crew SC Youth Academy (U6-U8), there are no “Head Coaches” since the program is less team-based and managed more as age-group cohorts.  The Youth Academy is directly managed by our professional Directors of Coaching who will use a mix of professional trainers and parent coaches to execute the program.


What is the difference between a professional and parent coach?
A professional coach is a staff member who is compensated for his / her expertise. These individuals are employees of the club who are hand-picked for their extensive soccer backgrounds.  These individuals are licensed and are required to pursue continuing education opportunities provided by the club through US Soccer and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.  We expect to promote from within and rely on our professional coaches to help us identify candidates for future openings within the club. 

A parent coach is a fully qualified individual who has agreed to volunteer their time to the betterment of the players and the program. Typically, the child of the parent coach is on the team.  The parent coaches receive the same support as our professional coaching staff.  Practice time and match observation for U8 teams is 
shared by the parent coach and the full-time professional staff.  We do have professional coaches on staff that have children that play in the club; however, in no case will a professional coach be placed over a team that his / her child plays on.

Why does the CUSA Crew SC use professional head coaches at all age groups?
The CUSA Crew SC is implementing a comprehensive and innovative curriculum from the Columbus Crew SC Youth Development System that requires a consistent and methodical application to maximize development as players transition from the Youth Academy at the youngest ages to the high school program at the oldest ages.  In order to effectively implement the curriculum, and other policies aimed at growing our players (e.g., rotating head coaches every two years to ensure players are exposed to different coaching styles), having professional coaches at each age group is the optimal strategy.  This approach also ensures that our evaluation of players is as objective and performance-based as possible. 

The CUSA Crew SC highly values our parent coaches, many of whom have extensive soccer playing and coaching experience. The club expects to continue leveraging that expertise as assistant coaches in all age groups where appropriate. In some cases, as mentioned above, we have recruited some of these highly qualified parents with coaching licenses to become professional head coaches within the club.

What if my player doesn’t make the NPL or Gold team?
The players who make the Gold teams are generally those in the age group who are most prepared to compete physically, mentally, and in terms of skill development.  There are many wonderful players in our club who don’t play at the NPL or Gold team level because they are just a little behind in one of the aforementioned elements.  NPL or Gold teams also usually require more commitment than other teams and so sometimes very good players play on second or third teams because they prefer to focus on another sport or activity.

In many clubs, it is important to make the Gold team because those are the only teams with quality coaching.  Here at the CUSA Crew SC, that is not the case.  We have professional, quality coaches at all levels.  Additionally, every player has access to the most experienced coaches in the club through the weekly age group-based training sessions.  Many players are best suited to develop on a Black or Silver team competing against similar levels of opponents and gaining confidence.  Our older age group Gold teams have many players on their rosters that were Black or Silver team members when they were younger.

What will happen after tryouts?
The club offers many opportunities throughout the summer for all players to participate.  You will receive more information about these activities at tryouts.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?
If you need further information, please contact one of our directors of coaching:

Director of Coaching
Wichert de Wit



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